Smart City

Among the main products developed are remote management systems that use the Power Line Communication (PLC) and the latest generation Wireless communications (IEEE802.15.4, LoRae NBIoT) as a communication system for the management of smart cities and the Internet of Things.The LEF technology makes it possible to intelligently manage the public lighting of the city, offering the possibility of creating a network of smart services both narrowband and broadband to the benefit of the quality of the services offered to users and citizens. In practice, by using the LEF devices combined with the light poles, it is possible to distribute digital signals with information content on existing electrical networks, thus avoiding the use of specific cabling systems and the related costly investments, in economic and environmental terms, to create them. This data transmission system combined with the use of regulated and standardized communication protocols represents the most reliable, safe and effective solution at the basis of the creation of Smart Grids, Smart Cities and to manage information between two different points and in a bidirectional way. Therefore a cutting-edge technology, which is the basis of the activities of LEF M&F in Puglia, a laboratory that deals with the design and testing of embedded electronic devices and supervision software, integrating innovative technologies.

LEF devices are certified by the best internationally recognized laboratories, guaranteeing interoperability and connectivity with other certified devices. The development of the Smart Grids and Smart Cities of the future can be based on these open and interoperable languages ​​in which the electricity grid will simultaneously assume the function of the circulatory and nervous system of the complex organism that we will bequeath to future generations.
“The sustainable city”, where human, energy and environmental resources are optimized, reducing waste, waste and pollution to a minimum, while improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. By interfacing the various users with these Smart devices, it was possible to create remote management and monitoring systems for: Lighting of cities and buildings, railway stations, Security Lighting in Tunnels, Access Controls, Lifts, Underpasses, Water lifting pumps, SmartMetering, Systems control systems for snipers of railway exchanges, environmental monitoring systems, industrial plants, schools, shopping centers and hospitals and many other automation solutions in our cities. All this by exploiting the power supply line already present without any further plant and infrastructural intervention. In addition, LEF has specialized thanks to its own R&D and targeted acquisitions that over the years has led to the design and construction of high-speed and high-performance telecommunications networks (SDH