Lighting Tecnology Solution


VISION LEF is a leader in the energy transformation market and is among the most qualified companies for the development of new technologies aimed at improving the quality of services in the electricity distribution sector, in rail transport infrastructures, in the smart sector. city and in public and private lighting.


LEF designs and develops high-tech products and systems for the railway sector. Communication system on conveyed wave (PLC) wireless and radio, inductive connections, track circuits, safety in tunnels, special transformers and converters, inductors and transformers for on-board trains, TLC networks, Voi telephony, emergency sound system, pantograph diagnostics, web radio RSS system etc…, always ready to come out with ever more efficient and innovative systems.

Smart City & IoT

Development of Power Line & Wireless multi-protocol technology for the intelligent management of city services, railway stations, hospitals, public areas, shopping centers, hotels and lighting systems


Medium and low voltage transformers, industrial applications, traction transformers, renewable energy


Distribution of power supplies, transformers, dimmers, interfaces and wireless control systems for LED and traditional light sources, also with voice and wireless control technology that can be controlled from PC, smartphone and tablet.


LEF Holding

LEF Industrial

LEF Eletech

LEF Lighting



LEF Poland

The group supplies innovative, eco-friendly products and systems with high energy efficiency, its mission is aimed at expanding its technological horizons, contributing to a harmonious development of the territory while respecting the environment.