The company focuses on the research and development of high-tech products, with particular attention to the use of G3-PLC conveyed wave technology for the management of SmartCity and SmartStation. LEF M & F is an active member of the Alliance G3PLC, an international association that guarantees the certification and standardization of devices communicating with the G3-PLC protocol in the CENELEC BA band in this regard, in February 2019, LEF was the first company in the world to have certified a device compliant with the G3-PLC protocol in band B, paving the way for the use of this technology in the civil and industrial sectors.Moreover, the experience gained in the railway sector has led to the consolidation of technological solutions aimed at improving the quality of life in cities and favoring virtuous development processes of smart cities: from the control of public lighting to the measurement of air quality; from traffic monitoring to access control; from monitoring energy and water consumption to measuring environmental noise. The use of new technologies (data transmission, wireless, internet of things, cloud computing and apps developed for mobile devices), have made it possible to develop platforms for the acquisition and treatment of data from sensors installed in the field, able to provide useful tools and indications for intervention by policy makers of companies and institutions, but also useful information to guide people's behavior, in order to guarantee urban sustainability attitudes. In this sense, the company based in Foggia produces: data acquisition module concentrator (C-MAD), turnout electric heating (MAD-RED), integrated OC power supply module for 6W-50W – 150W LED lamps (SMART DRIVER), lamp control (MAD-ILL), various users (MAD-DIV), electrical measurements (MAD-MIS).

Attestato G3-PLC
Certificazione ISO9001:2015

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