The railway market is the leading sector of LEF Group. The company designs and develops high-tech products and systems for the management of Smart Stations, railway lines, including high-speed lines, and tunnel safety. The company's production activity also includes various innovative types that find their use within the electrical substations.

The main innovative solutions include remote management and supervision devices and systems initially developed using Power Line Communication (PLC), and subsequently evolved with new data transmission technologies, information to the public and many other cutting-edge systems and products. To date, after years of investment and development of new technologies and products, LEF has a vast product portfolio dedicated to the railway in its various fields, IS, SS, IAP, TLC, LFM

For two years, the Group, with LEF M&F, has become part of the AllianceG3PLC, an international consortium to which the main players in the world of Smart Grids adhere. Since its entry into the Alliance LEF has successfully promoted the creation of a certification platform for the G3PLC protocol in the CENELEC B frequency band (95 KHz - 125 KHz) dedicated to use in civil-industrial applications by end users.

Thanks to the support of the Alliance G3-PLC, and the technological partners that are part of it, in February 2019 LEF was the first company in the world to have certified a device compliant with the G3-PLC protocol in band B, paving the way for use of this technology in civil and industrial fields.