LEF Sysco IaP’s public information systems range stands for design, production, installation and maintenance of different types of devices. Our continuous care in designing, selecting materials , products testing , allow us to offer customers a turnkey package according to the highest standards in terms of safety, quality and reliability. All devices present cutting-edge design and manufacturing solutions at the forefront of technology.
LEF Sysco IaP designs and manufactures display devices based on LED and LCD/TFT technology such as:

  • Arrivals / departures summary displays in LCD / TFT technology
  • Train track indicators, large Switchboards and LED bands summary arrivals / departures in LED technology
  • Road information poles for bus stops and for fuel price display

providing upon request installation and maintenance, as well as design and plant engineering, both for the Video and the Audio part.
The devices have a set of application programs specially developed by LEF Sysco IaP that allow textual and multimedia information displaying, LAN network communication, use of remote services such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and VNC (Virtual Network Computing).
Management software programs have also been developed for testing, analysis and local and remote control.
Although the catalogue products range is very wide, newly developed devices may still be designed and manufatured to meet customers specific requests .

An example of it can be found in the new devices required by Italian National Railways for the new Roma Tiburtina train station. Sysco IaP has developed its own information management system to be displayed by a "MASTER/SLAVE" structure capable to manage, in addition to the information displayed and to the system database, diagnostics of the devices and issuance of automatic messages based on TTS (Text To Speech) technology.
Besides, the system is able to get and manage information on train running from the ACEI, SCC, CCL, CTC traffic control systems. The system is currently operating in some Italian train stations.

The ability to develop new features according to customer specifications has made it possible to create an information system for a new railway line in Algeria. In this project great attention has necessarily been paid to dealing with both the French language and the Arabic one and the related complexity that especially the latter entails. For example, scrolling from left to right, display of graphic characters for the correct display of information, and, also, automatic sound announcements in TTS technology. Hence, for LEF Sysco IaP customer satisfaction is a primary business value and one of its main objectives, being the company constantly committed to improving its products and services quality, respecting delivery times and ensuring continuous technical support to its customers.